Welcome to the land of Tannenberg - a world modeled on the 15th-century Kingdom of Poland with elements of fantasy - magic and beings from medieval and Slavic beliefs. Take on the role of one of the factions - including the Kingdom of Poland, the Teutonic Order, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, or the Golden Horde.

Chronica is a card game that puts on the concept known from other games of this type, such as Hearthstone or the Witcher's Gwint, on its head.
What so unique about Chronica? 

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Chronica gameplay screenshot


In Chronica the most important thing is cooperation between players - everyone must achieve a common goal and defeat the oncoming creatures.
Finally, what are the mutual challenges to a common, greater threat?
If the players' armies lose with monsters, everyone loses equally.
Don't be afraid of your opponent trying intentional failure - in this game it is as difficult as winning, as long as at least one player shows the will to fight.

Only when the army finally wins, points scored by individual players are taken into account - what means the behind-the-scenes competition.
Cooperate to defeat the monsters together, but don't forget to be better at it than the others!

Control over both sides of the conflict

Each player has two cards at his / her disposal - card of the Army, meaning "the good ones", and card of the Monsters. You have full control over your knights and the abilities they use, but you also decide to a certain extent on the actions of the other side. Play cards to the detriment of the opponent's Army, and help yourself win with the right moves.
But watch out, because the Monsters also have their abilities, and their only goal is to destroy all the Armies.

Up to 4 players at the same time

It's a completely new experience and new game modes. No more limiting yourself to typical direct duels - play a ranked match 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or in 3-4 people each for each!

Complex game

Thousands of possible card layouts, thousands of strategies - every game in Chronica is unique, here planning your moves forward and a thought out tactics are the most important elements.
Each of the more than 20 cards has its own unique ability, which, moreover, influence one other. The scope of possibilities when performing clever combinations of moves is therefore very wide.
Chronica poster

Limited randomness

Only the Monster deck is distributed randomly and introduces a potential element of surprise to the game. The Army deck always consists of the same cards and is almost identical for each player.
Less chaos, more strategic thinking. Almost like a game of chess - all the time the same figures, incredibly many games available.

No microtransactions

We also fed up with the pay-2-win games, which is why we completely dissociate ourselves from this idea.
In Chronica the only skills that count can't be made up with real money. The only thing you pay for is access to ranking mode and completely optional things, such as unique graphic layout of cards. Definitely nothing that affects the gameplay itself.

Easy start

If not money, it's time.
You want to play the game, but you don't necessarily commit to engage for six months in order to grind and finally complete some reasonable deck?
In Chronica you pass directly to action! Already on the occasion of your first game you have the same opportunities as the top ranking players.
Of course, along with the further game you gain the necessary experience, but you can as well demonstrate cunning and intelligence already from the start.

Limited deck building

This is also a laborious process, but many players love to put together their own sets of cards, so we have not completely abandoned this element.
While Army cards are always the same, Monster Cards can be collected by advancing in single-player mode or during special events.
No worries - you can't gain a significant advantage over your opponent in this way. Monster decks of all players are mixed up and randomly distributed before the game.
By introducing only the strongest units for the game, however, you must reckon with the fact that it can turn against you.
Chronica menu

Historical curiosities

In every deck of the Army there is a special, strongest character - a Hero inspired by real characters known from the pages of history.
In our Chronicle you may discover more information about such legends as Zawisza Czarny or Kuno von Lichtenstein.
From Bestiary, in turn, you will learn what beliefs and superstitions from the past were the basis for designing the Monsters present in the game. Many of them have been inspired by our native Slavic mythology.

Single player campaign

You can't always count on internet access. Or maybe just real players have stopped being a challenge for you?
You can compete with advanced artificial intelligence, deciding on your own about the level of difficulty. You will thus face either a really difficult challenge or you will get to know all the secrets and strategies of the game in a friendly way.
Get into the story and immerse yourself in the world of Chronica - discover the title page of the Chronicle one by one to get to know the whole story.

Local multiplayer mode

You have only one computer or telephone and one or several friends with you? No problem - that's what the local multiplayer mode is for.
Feel like you're playing a real board game with your favorite rivals.
Just don't peep other people's cards!
Chronica gameplay screenshot Chronica gameplay screenshot
Chronica gameplay screenshot Chronica gameplay screenshot
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Current work

Chronica (PC, Android, iOS)

Chronica promo
Chronica is upcoming computer card game set in alternative fantasy world, inspired by 15th century Kingdom of Poland. Monsters started to crawl out of the mysterious forest and you must defeat them before they will spread across whole continent. Take control of one of the medieval Eastern Europe armies (Kingdom of Poland, Teutonic Order, Duchy of Lithuania or Tatars) and fight the legendary beasts while competing with other players the whole time. To achieve that, you must find your own strategy and plan a few moves ahead.
It will feature ranked online multiplayer, as well as local hot-seat one, full-3D enviroment, medieval soundtrack, over 100 unique cards, historical characters and many more.

Game will be available on PC (Steam), Android and iOS smartphones (with cross-platform multiplayer), sometime near the end of 2018.
Chronica screen concept art

Pigeon Shitstorm (Android)

Pigeon logo
Pigeon Shitstorm is mobile game where you can get revenge on those little flying rats, which are constantly bombing your carefully washed car. Finish it once and for all. Get your favourite slingshot and go hunting like a real predator. No more bullpigeonshit.
It will contain different species of birds, few unlockable vehicles with different features, special items that can help you get bigger score, fancy soundtrack, funny pigeon facial expressions and Fury Mode bringing total destruction = even more fun.

Game will be available on Android smartphones and it's supposed to be finished around October.
Pigeon screen mockup Pigeon concept art Pigeon movement

Our team

  • Sławomir Jezierski ( - PM, programmer, designer
  • Aleksander Hasioli - 3D artist, bard
  • Marcin Białowąs - 2D & concept artist
  • Zuza Pacak - 2D artist, pigeon fancier
  • Piotr Ruszkowski - Composer, sound designer
We are students at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
Special thanks to TK Games (SIG).


Dish Tower

Our latest mobile game (Android only, for now). It's super simple - use the dishes to build the biggest tower you can. Game is physics-based and it's powered by well-known box2D multi-platform library. It features Google Play Game Services (online leaderboards and achievements).

Currently, we're working on first update with: new graphics, particles, combo system, new game mode and even more different kind of dishes to stack.

You can find it on Google Play.

Fish Slayer

It was one of our first games ever created (in 2012). Gameplay closely resembles that one from Fruit Ninja, but we came up with few original ideas, completely changing the feeling of the game (apart from crazy fish theme).

It took us 3 months to develop the very first version of it, but we learned a lot about basics of mobile game development. At the time, we didn't work with any graphic artist, so visuals are not top-level, but we've focused on polishing gameplay so it's more fun and dynamic.

Unfortunately, we can't say that the game is finished today, because we've left the work with some minor features unfinished. We are planning to release it in the future, with completely new graphics.

The most current version is available only on video: watch in on YouTube
You can also get a look at the old (first) version on Google Play.

Pinball 2P

It was beggining of our mobile development - little multiplayer game. It's a pinball and air hockey mix. You can play with real opponent on one device or test your skill against simple AI.

Everything, except music, was made by one person. It's still the most popular from all our games, taking numbers of downloads into account.

Check it out on Google Play.

We participated in

Night Driver - for Thermit

Old-fashioned racing mobile game made for trash metal band Thermit to promote their new single with the same title - Night Driver. It features cover art in pixel style, title song in 16-bit arrangement and all Thermit members as in-game characters (drivers available for playing). Everything else was made by one person (programming and graphics).

Gameplay is very simple - you must only switch the lanes and try to avoid the traffic. However, it's not so simple to get the high score.

You can download it from Thermit's Google Play profile.

Runimals - on TK Game Jam 2016

Prize-winning game made in under 48h, on TK Game Jam 2016 (the second biggest series of game jams in Poland). It's a PC party game (up to 4 players), designed for gamepad controllers.

You have 10 seconds to remember the button sequences attached to symbols and after that, recreate them as fast as you can. If you have memory good enough and the fastest fingers among your friends, you'll win.

Graphics are truely hand-drawn, as they were created on paper and photo-scanned as the game sprites - thanks to Martin Topolski. Even the animations were drawn on paper, frame by frame, giving the game unique style.

Game is only available on Windows, you can find it on

Skąd się biorą cenne metale - for KGHM

As we can't share much about this project, that one gonna be short: we were responsible for programming the (quite big) educational game for KGHM - PC only. It was our biggest contract so far, so it's worth mentioning.